In 2017 we’ll organize driving events at Tahkovuori ski resort beginning of January 1st until March 31st.

The events include a theory part, equipment necessary for driving and the track fee. Also included in 3 and 6 hour events are the trophies, coffee, warm drinks. In 6 hour events the lunch is also included. You only need to bring comfortable shoes suitable for driving and suitable winter clothing.


Program for three hour event

A typical program that can be tailored to suit your targets and wishes.

  • - A comprehensive theory session of driving dynamics.
  • - Correct adjustment of the seat, controlling the steering wheel, and the general dynamics.
  • - Under steering and over steering, throttle control, front wheel drive versus rear wheel drive, mastering tricky situations, etc.

Ice Training on a Frozen Lake
  • - Ford Focus ice training cars
  • - BMW 325i ice racing cars

Race against the Clock

Race between participants and a prize giving ceremony.

The fleet

Ford Focus and BMW Ice racing cars specially converted and tuned for the Driving Events by Aaltonen Motorsport.


Theory, use of the cars, fuels, use of the ice tracks. Our Race Service Truck provides hot drinks.


The best conditions for a winter event are in January, February and March. Thick ice, white snow and shining sun with clear sky subject to weather. You should just bring your own foot wear, suitable for driving but warm, normal winter clothing and happy holiday feelings. Every participant takes part under his/hers own risk and responsibility. Personal travel insurance is recommended.