Tahko is located basically in the middle of Finland, in Nilsiä. The nearest airport is in Kuopio, roughly 50 kilometers away. The railway station can be found in Siilinjärvi, which is located 40 kilometers from Tahko. The closest town is Nilsiä, which is about 10 kilometers away.

Finnair (One World) and Blue1 (Star Alliance) have several flights to Kuopio every day, making this the easiest way to come to us. Aaltonen Motorsport crew will be welcoming you at Kuopio airport, and take you to Tahko. The trip from and to the airport is included in the price of an ice-driving event.

If you choose to arrive by your own car, you'll find some distances to Tahko below with an estimated travel time:

  • Kuopio 59 km, 44 min
  • Oulu 280 km, 3 h 27 min
  • Tampere 357 km, 4 h 24 min
  • Vaasa 390 km, 4h 54 min
  • Helsinki 435 km, 5h 31 min
  • Turku 507 km, 6 h 21 min

You can also arrive by bus. The closest bus station is at Nilsiä. 

Train service is also quite convenient, the closest stations are at Siilinjärvi (40 km) and Kuopio (65 km).

Please inform us of your method of travelling, so we can arrange your transportation to Tahko.

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