Aaltonen Motorsport have a wide range of cars, in total the lineup consists of 14 cars, all painstakingly prepared for ice racing. In Ford Focus and BMW –cars we use spiked rally tires with 6 mm spike protrusion, racing seats and full roll gages.

Our participants will share max. two drivers per car. The co-driver may observe relaxed the driver's action and learn from the advantages and mistakes. Sometimes of pedagogical reasons the driver will drive alone.

Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works Kit

Soon after the car's launch John Cooper noticed the original Mini's great performance potential and begun building fast versions of the small car. It's excellent handling characteristics, light bodyweight and small size made it ideal for racetracks and rally stages. In fact, the John Cooper prepared cars were so successful, that they pretty much destroyed the competition. The most legendary version was the 1275 S, which won more or less everything there is to win in the 60's. One of the most famous instances of the Minis not winning was the 1966 Rallye Monte Carlo, where the Minis got a 1-2-3 finish, but were disqualified by a controversial decision by the race officials. It should be noted, that Tino's father, Rauno Aaltonen finished 2nd in the notorious race. A year later he managed to settle the score and won the rally.

John Cooper Works have been building fast Minis even when the Cooper lineup was dropped from the official Mini showrooms. Naturally, when the new Mini was introduced, John Cooper Works made their own version as well: the cars are equipped with a tuning package which raises their power output to 200 bhp, which is more than enough to make these small cars fly! Faithfully to the original, the car's handling is top notch. To make it even better, Aaltonen Motorsport have equipped the cars with top of the line Eibach coil over suspension. Think no further - all you have to do is call us and book your own chance to experience the legend!

Ford Focus 2.0

When the Ford Focus replaced the legendary Escort, the press didn't spare their praise for the newcomer. They all loved the way the car handled and how much fun it was to drive. The 2.0-liter Zetec engine was rather frisky even in standard form, making the car a solid performer. Although the news of Escort discontinuation raised a storm of protest, after the first test drives of the new Focus the protesters were silenced.

When Tino Aaltonen raced professionally and ran his own touring car racing team, they used Ford Focuses - the cars built by his team were among the fastest in Europe. Using this expertise, he has painstakingly prepared these ice racing versions. The cars boast upgraded engines, Eibach racing suspension, full roll cages, racing seats and spiked ice rally tyres. In other words, they are fully prepared racing cars. Getting to drive these cars is a privilege; it's about as close to racing you can get without actually owning a racecar.

BMW 325i

Freude am Fahren - the joy of driving. The BMW slogan pretty much sums up what their cars are all about. BMW are widely considered as the most driver-oriented of the German big three. The cars used by Aaltonen Motorsport are of the most legendary body type of the 3-series, the E30. The M3 version of the E30 is actually the most successful touring car of all time, when they hit the race tracks, their performance was completely unmatched by the opposition.

Aaltonen Motorsport cars are originally based on the powerful 2.5-liter, 6 cylinder 325i. However, they don't share a lot with the cars you see on the roads, as they have been extensively modified for ice racing. They have received necessary engine upgrades, Eibach racing suspension, reinforced body, full roll cages, racing seats and spiked ice rally tyres. You'll never get more Freude am Fahren than power sliding these old school legends.

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