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The modern cars' safety has advanced with giant leaps in the past few decades. Along with the passive safety (safety in event of a crash) the car manufacturers have concentrated on improving the active safety, which means that the cars' equipment and characteristics are such that they prevent accidents from happening. Modern cars are almost without exception equipped with anti-lock brake system, traction and stability control, for instance.

However, the driver plays the most important role in preventing accidents: no matter how clever the on-board equipment and how well the car handles, the driver must still be able to react correctly in unforeseen situations, to know how the car behaves on the limit, to choose the correct speed for the situation etc. This is something you won't learn on public roads - the proper place to practice these skills vital to any motorist is on a closed circuit. This is where Aaltonen Motorsport step in: we will give you an unforgettable motor sports experience and while you're having the time of your life you'll also learn professional racing techniques, skills that might some day help you to avoid an accident.

Aaltonen Motorsport driving events are organized in eastern Finland, at the beautiful Tahkovuori winter sport resort. The track used is built on a frozen lake in the middle of untouched Finnish nature. These lofty surroundings have an important part in the whole experience, but the main point of the whole event is driving. And boy, do you get to drive! Aaltonen Motorsport events are known for their extensive practical training, the theory part of the training is comprehensive, but kept as brief as possible. After all, driving is something you learn by doing, not by studying. To achieve best possible results, the emphasis of the training is set on individualism. This way the students can be brought to concentrate on essential issues in their driving, and achieve as positive results as possible. The training will start with easier car control training, and advance towards more difficult performance driving tasks. In order to be able to learn car control at the limit in high speeds, the cars are equipped with ice rally tyres. At the end of the training the participants will race against the clock to find out the Champion of the ice track!

Aaltonen Motorsport driving events are complete packages. All you have to do is get yourself to Kuopio airport, from there on Aaltonen Motorsport will take over and do their best so that you'll have an unforgettable motorsports event in beautiful wintery Finland. Suggested clothing is two piece alpine skiing clothes and light winter shoes, as heavy boots aren't the best possible choice for driving. If you have any special requirements of wishes about the program, please don't hesitate to contact us to tailor the event to your liking.

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