Motorsports are often seen as harmful to the environment. Aaltonen Motorsport take care to minimize their effect on nature. The track is constructed on a naturally frozen lake. We carry spill equipment for the unlikely event of a fluid leak and always ensure the ice stays clean of any foreign substances. In the spring, the ice melts and the lake looks as if we never were there in the first place. Then we again wait for nature to build us another ice racing venue for next winter.

Our cars are equipped with K&N air filters constructed from renewable cotton. The filters are washable and reusable, so the amount of waste is kept to minimum. As they also help engine breathing, they result in cleaner burning. Currently our cars run on unleaded fuel, but we are testing bioethanol fuels and if we can conclude they're better in the environmental sense we will without any doubt start using them in the near future.

As Aaltonen Motorsport are concerned about the environment, we're participating in a Finnish campaign, Operaatio Maa, or Operation Earth, as the translation would be. The Operation gets publicity also as a TV show, where among other Finnish celebrities Erja Häkkinen is conducting a project to prevent global warming. We also support a charity for wellbeing of the Baltic Sea, a matter that should be high on the agenda of every Nordic and Baltic person.

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